Registry Booster 2011

In a previous page I outlined some general procedures for the important task of backing up and restoring the Windows Registry. In this article, I will present Registry Booster 2011 in more detail.

Registry Booster 2011

Uniblue Registry Booster 2011 is a fantastic new registry cleaner that has received rave reviews in the initial few months that it's been on the market. Uniblue have worked hard to get their registry scanning technology up to scratch and compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Windows (Windows 7). The work has paid off and not only is Registry Booster 2011 one of the first registry tools to work with Windows 7, it's also one of the most sophisticated registry tools ever to hit the market.

No stone has been left unturned in the quest for a registry cleaner that digs right in to the heart of the Windows registry. Registry Booster 2011 is capable of tracking down and repairing practically every variety of registry defect that you could potentially be faced with.

It will attack any dead shortcuts that have been left scattered on your desktop - and also any internal shortcuts that your system has been using which aren't visible to the human eye.

Start menu items will also be sifted through to check for old reference points and entries that aren't required. This is a very small fraction of the actual functionality that Registry Booster supplies though.

The real power of the software is in it's ability to hunt and destroy EXE errors, common application bugs, DLL errors and a whole host of registry keys and registry classes that are causing an adverse effect on your computer's running performance. Solving these issues will ultimately boost the speed of your PC, but more significantly, it will increase the reliability. You won't have to deal with sudden meltdowns and unexpected lag. You won't have to deal with annoying runtime errors, or the ominous blue screen of death that can become routine on a weakening version of Windows.

Registry Booster 2011 is simply very effective at tackling the registry and patching it back together in to one piece.

The latest version of the software comes with an additional "damage control" marker. This gives you a visual indication of how severe a registry error actually is. You will notice after running your first registry scan that the errors differ from minor issues to potentially system crippling malfunctions. This will certainly help you pick which errors to fix in your trial copy of Registry Booster should you choose to download it for free.

You can only fix 15 errors before being prompted to upgrade to the full version of Registry Booster 2011. Sure, you're probably wondering whether you can get away with using the Damage Control feature to pick out the 15 worst offending errors and then leave the rest. Well, you can try it. But keeping your PC in working order should be a case of removing all errors before they develop in to critical issues.

Registry Booster 2011 is one of the best modern day registry cleaners. It is excellent value for money and hopefully a sign of great things to come from Uniblue. Try it for yourself and see.

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