Registry Cleaners 2011

Registry Cleaners 2011 - What's new?

If you've been using a registry cleaner in the past, you will know all about the benefits it can have on your PC performance. Better speed, increased reliability and far less errors to name a few. Unfortunately, many of the registry cleaners on the market are now becoming obsolete. You might wonder how that can be possible. Most software still works if it's aged a couple of years, right? The problem with registry cleaners stems from the fact that technology is changing so fast and the threats to a PC's stability are growing by the day. A couple of years can be an extremely long time to pass without an upgrade in the registry cleaning world.

Windows 7

SO what can we look to see from the best registry cleaners in 2011? The most obvious upgrade caters for those who have switched to Microsoft's brand new operating system - Windows 7. This release succeeds Vista and the now very old Windows XP. With a new operating system comes a completely new registry design. The interface is different and those registry cleaners that you were using on your XP system simply aren't going to be able to handle the advances made with Windows 7. Perhaps more importantly, if you were to try to run an XP registry cleaner on Windows 7, you could potentially do more damage than you would be fixing. Not a good thing.

Besides being compatible with Windows 7, the best registry cleaners of 2011 must be capable of syncing with the latest batch of Microsoft applications. We all know how Microsoft loves to cash in on a new operating system by unleashing a new set of Office applications. Well, all of these applications leave a new trace of memory in the registry that you will need a 2011 registry cleaner to be able to clean safely. It's not just the Microsoft software that will work differently with your registry. You should be aware that your Windows registry is the spine of the operating system itself. All software releases will be designed to interact with it accordingly. They won't work as they would on an XP or Vista system.

The Bottom Line

While the threats to a PC are increasing over time, it's assuring to hear that the technology behind registry cleaners is advancing just as quickly. These small and helpful applications are becoming more and more adept at countering the errors of registry corruption and bad memory cells. RegAce is an example of a brand new registry cleaner that has been developed to tackle the most common registry problems of 2011. By investing in a product that isn't battling the problems of the past, you can protect your computer from the latest generation of security breaches and memory sapping errors.

Most registry cleaners designed for 2011 offer the same incentives as those that have come before. You can normally pick up a free trial to make sure that everything is working as smoothly as you'd want it to. The free trials will highlight potential flaws in your registry. You may have to upgrade to the full product to fix all of them. But this is a worthwhile investment. A healthy Windows registry is paramount to a healthy computer in general!

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